Mushroom Vape Disposables

Explore the world of mushroom vape disposables. These innovative vapes combine mushroom extracts with advanced technology, offering a fresh take on vaping. Enjoy a unique, relaxing experience with every puff, discovering nature's wonders in a new way.

Explore The Magic Mushroom Vape

Enjoy the mystical adventure of heightened senses with magic mushroom vape disposables. Made with precision and care, dozo mushroom extract vape offers an unforgettable sensation. Delight in the perfect mix of nature's goodness and modernity as you savor mushrooms' tasty flavors and health benefits, leading you on a flavorful and beneficial journey.

Key Features of Dozo Mushroom Vape 

From inhaling the shroom pen, you’ll instantly appreciate the unparalleled features of the Dozo Mushroom vape.

  • Quality

Dozo disposables are designed using premium materials, ensuring exceptional vaping sessions.

  • Consistency

Consistency is key. Each puff delivers a reliable and predictable sensation.

  • Convenience

Designed with convenience, shroom vape is compact, letting you enjoy your vaping anytime, anywhere.

  • Variety of Flavors

Explore a world of delicious flavors with a diverse range of mushroom vape disposables.

  • Safety

Dozo mushroom vapes are rigorously tested to meet the highest safety standards.

Why Choose Dozo Shroom Pen?

With over 1400 types of mushrooms available worldwide, Dozo taps into the potency of selected mushroom extracts for the Shroom Pen, ensuring a unique and enriching vaping session.

Controlled Dosage

Mushroom vapes offer precise dosage control, allowing you to enjoy your desired level of intensity. Whether you're seeking a mild buzz or a more profound journey, Dozo has you covered.

Sensational Experience

Get ready for a sensational journey. Dozo shroom vape offers a delightful feeling, enhancing your senses and expanding your consciousness.

Uncover The Wonders Of Mushroom Vapes

Mushroom Vape Disposables blend natural essence with modern technology for an immersive sensation like no other.

Psychoactive Effects  

Mushroom vapes provide the mystical and psychoactive effects of nature's most revered fungi, taking you on a journey of self-discovery and open-mindedness.

Potent Proprietary Mushroom Blend

Sourced from the finest mushrooms, blends in mushroom products are designed to awaken your senses and transport you beyond the ordinary. They deliver a potent and unforgettable journey. 


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THCA Disclaimer: This product is not available for shipment to the following states: Arkansas, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont. Dozo Mushroom Extract + THC-A Disposable - 2.5g Unwind and embrace a state of blissful relaxation like no other with the...

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DOZO DONT TRIP MUSROOMN EXTRACT + THC TRIPPY DIAMONDS DELTA VAPE - 5G The DOZO Don't Trip Mushroom Extract + THC Trippy Diamonds Delta Vape offers a unique and powerful experience. That combines Mushroom Extract, THC-A Diamonds, THC-P, Delta 8 THC, Delta 10 THC, CBD...

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